The cutest pooch in all the world.

This is Lester Wilhelm Merrill, who used to belong to my grandma, who passed away last summer. Lester was living with Mom and Dad at the time because Grandma was in the hospital. Les was attacked by two big dogs just before Grandma died and he was a miracle and survived even though he shouldn’t have. Les is now the most spoiled dog on the face of the earth and my mom takes him everywhere with her.

Lester teh cute.

Precious, no? Not bad for an 11-year-old.


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  1. Awww I miss that snippity lil fella!

    And he looks MUCH better than the Frankenpuppy I saw at your parent’s house.

  2. Oh he is so cute! Please mail him to me. He can live in my room and no one would ever know, except maybe Cooper who would smell the lies all over me. =(

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