London calling.

Dear London,

I am so very sorry. Stay strong. Keep going. I’m praying for you.

Sparkle Pants

Dear Ringo,

Happy birthday, old man!

Sparkle Pants

Dear People Who Read My Blog,

Good morning. I have a rash or some kind of skin ailment on the back of my neck that kept me awake for nearly two hours last night. Two hours. Well, it wasn’t just that. See, I had this dream wherein University Politico and I went into some store at 5am looking for some jacket I saw the night before and loved but didn’t get. The people working at the store had everything neat and pristine, perfectly aligned and beautifully in place. University Politico kept pulling clothes off the hangers and then tossing them on the floor when it wasn’t what I was looking for. I got really mad at her for being such a douchebag, then I woke up and was like OMG WHY DID YOU DO THAT? and then realized that hey, it was just a dream and that she was sleeping. Fine. No worries. So then I started thinking about things and that had me on my back, staring at the ceiling considering and imagining all the horrible things that could result.

I put on a cd that I had made before leaving for NC (the very cd that made me cry on the airplane, for some reason) and as I listened to it, I thought about this feeling I got yesterday in the late afternoon time. I have this little pearl of emotion that I protect with everything I have in me. I curl myself around it and keep it safe from the elements and try, so very desperately, to keep it safe from me. I’ve been doing a really bad job of that lately and I strive to get better. Last night hurt a lot but it was the good kind of hurt that makes me take out that pearl of emotion and marvel at how special it is instead of wanting to take it out and smash it into tiny pieces.

How do we get here? How do we get to this place so unexpectedly? How can so much change in a split second? Is this God’s mercy or satan’s cruelty?

I don’t know why the attacks happened in London. People are scared, hurt, angry, and confused. Things like this happen everyday in Iraq, Israel, the Sudan. People die. Lives are lost. It only takes a split second to change history.

Sparkle Pants


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