DIY haircuts and boys who make me cry.

Okay, so the DIY haircut isn’t drastic at all. In fact, you can barely tell I cut it, except in the front because it’s shorter than the rest of my hair.

Before. So coy!

After. See? No difference.

After again. It wasn’t supposed to be this short in the front. Oh well. What’s done is done!

I have pictures of blurry fireworks to show you too, but I’m saving that for later when I am not multi-tasking my little heart out.

I got an email this morning from a friend and it made me cry and it’s like, one of the few times in my life that a boy has made me cry and there has been no heart breakage involved.

My printer is eating paper and printing jibberish. Today is the day I get to set up all the classrooms. Today is the day I get to sweat. Sweating is fun.

I’m a tough bitch, no?


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  1. tough bitch you are. Sweat you must. Love you, I do.

  2. I love you too!

  3. Can you come cut my hair? My hair chica is out of commission for 6 weeks :(

  4. I would LOVE to. Except I don’t know how much you’d actually like it. teehee But I could try! I’m going to try and make it home for Thanksgiving, randomly. And I’ll be home two or three weeks at Christmas before the big move. Wee!

  5. Yaaay! We can’t wait to see ya!

    Oh gosh, the thought just occurred to me that I will have 2..TWO kids walking…yes WALKING!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

  6. Invest in leashes! :D

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