Hi-ho, hi-ho, where the hell is everyone?

It’s almost 9:00am and there are three whole people here. Hello, people! Today is A WORK DAY. In other news, I get a $22 paycheck tomorrow for all that stunning overtime I worked in June. But hey, at this point, $22 looks like $100. Sad, isn’t it?

So I spent most of last night spazzing out because of this picture. And who is that, you might ask? That is my Kat and my Howie, together on July 3. There is a big long story that involves him being cute and shoeless on some sort of giant vibrator and then him saying something about not having showered. And this is what he wrote on one of her 15 copies of JSTFWA. See? It says Hone Pay! So now we can call him Hme Dry, Home Dry, and Hone Pay. Because he is fabulous with the bad handwriting. Apparently someone last night had a Home Dry shirt on and he signed it HOME DRY. Cuter?

Anyway, after going bat-shit insane this weekend, I cut my hair. Last night. Before going out to walk around the neighborhood to see the fireworks. I went into the bathroom, laid out a towel and started cutting. With kitchen scissors. It’s completely uneven and fabulous and with it being curly, you can’t even tell.

There is a lot I could talk about that involves things that I am too tired to go into here. But let me tell you, once you start cutting your hair, it’s really hard to stop. Really hard.

And OMG HOWIE! And Kat! And we are all going to play Truth or Truth in Anaheim, all of us, with lots of alcohol and then we shall walk down to the HOB and terrify Howie. A lot. With the drunk and the cleavage and the OMG.

Maybe later I will tell you about important things.


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  1. And where are the pictures of the free haircut, my friend? hehe

  2. I haven’t taken any yet! I shall tonight. Or this afternoon, as I have my camera with me because I am a nerd and take it everywhere. Because you never know when hot boys will come into Starbucks, looking all hot in their lawyer-wear and you just have to be stealth and stalkery and take pictures of them while they put cream and sugar in their coffee.


    But I would never do that. Ever.

  3. Of course not!

    You’re ver hard to take seriously when you’re lying through your teeth. heh heh

  4. Very, too.

    Typing and holding children is not a great combo for me.

  5. I’ll email you the pictures. So you can see him from the uh…from the back. tee

    Hi children!!! Be nice to your mommy!

  6. This is why I need my OWN camera. So that when I wake up and reaaaaaaalllly want to do something with one, I will have one available.


  7. i love how howie signed the cd with a line from “collide” – christ almighty, we’ll never escape. this makes me want to scan my copy of JSTFWOIEROISHROSFSDF and try and decipher his signature on mine.

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