June 29 setlist and Live 8 pictures.

Like any of you care, but this is my blog and I’ll post whatever I want.

Wednesday night’s setlist:

Don’t Drink the Water
American Baby
Hello Again
Hunger For The Great Light
Dream Girl
Louisiana Bayou
Typical Situation
Steady As We Go
Say Goodbye
Smooth Rider
Joy Ride [tease]
Stand Up
All Along The Watchtower

You Might Die Trying
Ants Marching

Note they only mention the Joy Ride tease. The #34 tease was sick and went on for so long that I thought they were actually going to play it. They played Stand Up instead, which kicks some ass live. You Might Die Trying is my least favorite song on the new album and my least favorite song live. Lame encore. I’m pissed at Dave.

Live 8 pictures.

Dave looks the best in rolled-up sleeves, scruff, and sweat. Rawr.

Dave looks all deformed and fat here. What is it with me and pictures of really hot guys looking all fat and deformed? I swear you guys, Jack is NOT so misshapen as those pictures make him out to be.

Left to right: Boyd, Dave the Hot, and Fonzie.


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  1. AH! He played Watchtower!? If he doesn’t play it in Alpine I’m gunna cry!!

  2. Yesssss. I’ve seen Watchtower 3 times now and I think this one was one of the best. Of course, the first time was awesome. Hell, that song is just awesome. The kid behind us had never seen it, so he was FREAKING OUT. And it was fab :)

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