It’s your seahorse.

I have posted reviews of Friday’s 15-minute Howie show in three different places because each place has a different level of allowed Howie obsession, so at the end of this post, I’m going to paste my somewhat edited entry from the LJ community. I say somewhat edited because I’m sure you guys don’t want to read about Howie’s nipples. Unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, his shirt was very nipply.


Things I have done today:
* Paid my phone bill.
* Paid my car insurance.
* Attempted to buy a pair of shoes from Upon discovering they wouldn’t be shipped until early August, I decided that I could just keep checking the stores until I found my size.
* Purchased HOB and Fillmore tickets. Melissa, I bought you a ticket for the HOB show since we are subjecting you to all the Howie. It’s my way of bribing you.
* Purchased Day In the Zone tickets.
* Purchased another copy of pre-Epic Australia to replace the one that got stolen.

And now I have to find a place for us to stick our feet in the Atlantic on Wednesday. I also have to figure out how much I can spend on a backpack, a camera bag, and a new (bigger) memory stick for the camera. Surely I should be able to procure these items for under $150. University Politico thinks we should get tattooes while we’re in NC, but I have no idea what I want, so I say no to the idea. Piercings, however, are a different story. I would just have to decide what I wanted done first. Unless it costs a lot of money, then I would also have to nix that idea.

We went to the ocean yesterday, so I took half a Dramamine and overslept again this morning, just like last week. Except this time I woke up in enough time to shower. I am sunkissed, which is a fancy word for sunburned.

Also, I cannot stop listening to Australia. What a great cd. JSTFWN is Howie’s delusions bundled in a neat package.

And now for the review.

So this morning when we went to Raley Field to get our tickets, people were already lined up outside. I couldn’t believe it. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I forked over the $73. What had I done? I wasn’t even going to be close to the stage. I was going to be far away from Howie and there would be no signage or anything like that. But that aside, I went through my day randomly spazzing about the show because! omg! Howie! in Sac! omg!

We got there at around 4:00 and as we were walking up to the front gate, some kid told us that three acts had just cancelled. Panic. PANIC. Because I just KNEW it would be Howie and I was going to scream because…sigh. You know? $73 down the drain. This launched me into FRANTIC CALLING OF PEOPLE. First I called Meredith and when her vmail picked up, I left her a message and called Kat, who was not accepting calls. So then I called my very wonderful friend Michelle, who is used to getting random, spastic phone calls from me. We used to live together, see. And she knows I am a freak.

ANYWAY, she couldn’t find anything about Howie cancelling and she even looked up the radio station number for me. I called them and no one answered, so I got back in line where University Politico was waiting and texted Kat asking her to please, please see if Howie had cancelled. Then. We heard. This voice. And we both froze. And we both squeaked.

Swear y’all, all he said was like, “hey” or something and we knew it was him. So then he started playing Sorry, so I told University Politico to hang on and I ran over to this little opening along the ballpark concourse (gated off but you could see in and down to the stage) and watched him play for a few seconds. Got there just in time to see him beat his guitar. And I started bouncing up and down with my hand over my mouth and being a giant idiot. So I scurried back to the line saying things “OH MY GOD DID YOU HEAR THAT? THAT’S FUCKING HOWIE FUCKING BEATING HIS FUCKING GUITAR.” And all the people around us (I think now would be the time to say that this was a radio show with the following people performing: Tyler Hilton, Howie, that guy from American Idol who slept with Paula Abdul, American HiFi, Good Charlotte, and Black Eyed Peas) were like “who IS that?” and we told them and they were unimpressed. University Politico went to watch him and when she did, he started committing major guitar abuse and didn’t stop for a good 30 seconds. I honestly didn’t think she was coming back. Because she was too busy COMING all over the pavement. Then she came back and he played like, one line of Collide and then stopped and all these little girls SCREAMED and I wanted to shoot them all.

Thennnnnnn. All the bitchy people around us continued to be bitchy people and this psycho mother in line behind us with her Good Charlotte obsessed daughter and her friends just wanted them to know that they had TO RUN VERY QUICKLY TO GET DOWN IN FRONT OF THE STAGE OMG WTF. And she kept trying to inch in front of us. She and her daughter and her daughter’s friends had “tattooes.” You know, the kind you DRAW ON with magic marker. Now, the temperature got up there today. It was sunny and hot and EVERYONE had the sweaty stank going on. Let me tell you how attractive their little tattooes were by the time we got in. HA! And they had drawn on their faces, so that was really funny.

Everyone had cameras, so it was no problem getting the shitty disposable in. I wish I had been brave enough to bring the digicam because then you would have the pictures NOW as opposed to some time tomorrow (thank god for getting to WalGreens 1hr photo 30 minutes before it closed). Anyway, we had to get wristbands to actually go down onto the field and there was NO ONE down there. Maybe fifty people. So we were almost center, maybe twenty-thirty feet from the stage. Sweeeet. There continued to be bitchy, rude, disgusting people around us. We befriended a young mom and her daughter, who looked to be about 8 or so, both of whom were very nice and receptive to our freaking out about Howie. Our good positions were almost ruined when the security guys told everyone to stand up (we had been forced to sit down for some reason) and everyone did. And rushed the stage. That was fun. The little girl almost got trampled. Wee! I love GC fans. Fuckers.

Anyway, we got a little closer and then it started and Tyler Hilton came out and no offense to TH fans, but he just didn’t do anything for me. At all. Of course, it probably would’ve been better if I could’ve understood a thing he said. They had everything turned up SO LOUDLY that I thought my ears were going to burst. At the beginning, before the whole thing started, the radio station had this stupid promo/intro sequence that was pre-recorded and I kid you not, people were double over SCREAMING and CLUTCHING THEIR EARS because it was so damn loud. So yeah, TH’s set was incredibly distorted. He played four or five songs.

Then it was time for Howie! Wee! Vance came out to help the tech set up! We kept screaming VAAAAAAAAAAANCE!!!! and HEY MCNABB!!!!! but the “house music” was so loud that he couldn’t hear us. That’s okay. What would we have done if he had? Hey Vance! We don’t care about you so much as HOWIE. Where is HOWIE? :D

We had made these signs on sheets of paper before we left home and one read, “We *heart* Home Dry!!” and the other had a bunch of song names on it with Collide crossed out. :D But then University Politico changed it to “HOME DRY!! PLAY BEAMS!” with Collide crossed out under it. So when he came out, we screamed and so did everyone else and we held up our signs. He didn’t see them but I didn’t care. I was shaking SO BADLY that I could barely take a picture. Hopefully they turn out. I could barely punch buttons on my cell to call Meredith. She got to hear Sorry and it was so so so so awesome. We screamed during appropriate parts and he smiled at us and nodded and then he did this great Sacramento thing. He seemed to be in a great mood and the crowd was actually really cool to him.

I got off the phone with Mer and was freaking out and SO HAPPY. He took off his sunglasses even though he was facing the sun and told us that we were a good crowd and something about having a happy time. Went into She Says. Totally missed the end of the first verse, beginning of the chorus the first time through. Just totally forgot it. Went to a completely different part. Continued taking pictures. Continued screaming. Continued freaking out. He went into One, which was great as always. Then he thanked everyone for listening to him and thanked the radio station for inviting him and then talked about how he was watching the “basketball thing” last night and it was really cool because they played his song at the end. “And here’s that song…Collide…”

Of course everyone screamed and squealed and TOTALLY LOVED HIM FOREVER OMG.

Ohh! Before I forget, someone threw him a little white bear for some reason and it landed perfectly, sitting on its bum with its back against the mic stand. Cute. He this kind of “oh fucking christ” look on his face when he saw it. Amusing.

So anyway.

During Collide, I decided that since he kept looking over at us, I was going to hold up my sign. University Politico held up hers too and then all of a sudden, he looked over at us, saw our signs, and started laughing. Now, last time we saw him, he had to start Numbness three times because we kept making him laugh. Because we are eevil. So anyway, Howie laughed at our Home Dry signs and I was happy because he knew that OMG TOTALLY BIG FANS IN THE AUDIENCE!! :D

At the end of his set, he tossed the bear back into the audience. We didn’t get it (fucker) but I thought that was hella funny.

And after that, I couldn’t stand the obnoxious deejays who kept coming onstage and blabbing about boring bullshit, nor could I tolerate anymore of the girl beside me who decided to SHRIEK in my ear every two seconds and jump around on top of me to try and get me to move. I ignored her and seriously almost punched her in the face a couple of times. I mean, if you’re going to be grabbing my ass like that, buy me a drink first. Anyway, we left the GA area and went up to the bathroom. But then when we got up to the concourse, I couldn’t breathe and thought that I was going to pass out. Then in the bathroom, we discovered that I was disgustingly burned. Yayyyy for sunburns! But totally worth it. We left about twenty minutes later because we both felt so sick.

All in all, it was an amazing show. Howie totally got the shaft and I hate the radio station for it, but I think he had to leave for something (catch a flight, perhaps). Either that or the radio station was just being itself and dicking him around. I wish he could’ve played longer but the audience was really into him (yay!) and the cool woman with the daughter really enjoyed him. So yay! New Howie fans maybe!

I cannot believe how much I paid to see him but it was worth every penny.

Pictures tomorrow!

Edit: If you don’t include the price of parking, each song cost me $24.33. Just thought you might like to know.


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  1. Why don’t you tell it to PEEEEEEEEEEEEE???????????????

    Hee. The Ward. I still favor the Greek Theatre show, but it was great to see the total heart on his face when he realized that hey….people who know songs that AREN’T COLLIDE!

  2. Word. We knew Beams. That was all the reassurance he needed.



    Maybe it was obvious when we orgasmed all over everyone during Sorry at that show. Maybe.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that you guys had such fun at the concert! And I can’t wait to meet you and scream over Howie too! LOL Even though I am a fan of Collide, just because, you know, I don’t hear it all the time and well… I have very wonderful dreams that are associated with it LOL So don’t shoot me, but I will sing with it LOL

    And I also heart YOU for my ticket! Thank you SO MUCH! I can’t wait to go!! :D Which reminds me, on the way there you two shall verse me on all things Howie so that I will be prepared for the HOB show LOL

  4. Oh! I will school you on all things Howie. I will send you a copy of a show! So you can hear his other stuff live and how awesome it is. Wee! So. Fun!

  5. someone threw a bear…classic. someone did that at the electric factory show, and that’s when he started making that song “fuck that shiiiiiiiiiit. fuck that shiiiiiiiiit.”

    that’s my story for the day.

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