Five things I miss from my childhood.

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Five things I miss:

1. I miss driving out to the Texaco station after school and jumping on the trampoline until dark.

2. I miss fresh school supplies. Newly sharpened pencils, the smell of paper, pink erasers. I miss that smell.

3. I miss band. I miss giving Mrs. Evans hell. I miss pranking the underclassmen and being told by Mrs. Reynolds that we did a good job. I miss San Antonio. I miss sitting around the pool singing our solos from Shorty George. I miss Mark and Elliott and Anthony and Bryce and Billy. I miss the seventh grade boys driving everyone and their mother insane.

4. I miss the lore of the grade school. I miss the mustard yellow curtain on the stage, the creepy old locker rooms under the stage, the coach’s office, the light switch in the girls’ locker room that shocked you, no matter what you did to avoid it.

5. I miss the old playground toys. Especially the old “club house” that had FUCK scrawled across the ceiling. I miss the way it smelled inside and was always cool, no matter how hot it was outside.


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  1. Oh those are some good ones!

    And remember the “tattoo shop” in the urine stained “club house” where we drew on the little people with markers and got them in trouble with their parents? haha And they PAID us!

    And I think, perhaps, that light switch could be the root of some of my mental problems now. haha

  2. The tattoos. We charged a quarter for those things and people paid us! Remember drawing them out on paper so we could show off our talent to our clients? I also remember some sadistic “club” someone created that in order to join, you had to answer some insanely hard math questions asked by Marriya, who was so math whizzy then, and if you got any of them wrong, she pinched your back really hard. Or at least she pinched mine. Hard. :D

    I hated that light switch so much.

  3. You don’t have four friends with blogs and so you choose Chelle and Meredith?!! BITCH!! :(

  4. Oh, oops. I hadn’t been to AJ’s blog yet this morning. Didn’t realize I’d already been tagged! My bad!

  5. Speaking of clubs (which I never got into because I wasn’t cool)…do you remember the Sewer Rats and Jessica M’s slime green retainer? hehe

    And can we ever forget the rainy day parachute games? lol

  6. I was just thinking of the Sewer Rats this morning! That’s so weird. And the rainy day parachute games! Mrs. R was always so insane on those days.

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