Follow me and don’t look down.

Can I first start by saying that my office rules? Because I just sat in the kitchen and finished off a carton of ice cream OUT of the carton. Thank god for this office’s love of birthday celebrations.

For the past two days or so, I’ve started about a dozen posts regarding things that have been bothering me or sitting in the back of my mind and I just can’t seem to get them out. I read all these incredibly thematic and pointy posts by people who write so much better than I do and I get discouraged because all I can do is spazz out over random, pointless things.

Grumble, grumble.


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  1. Hi! Are you Jo? Or am I just confused? Because I could be… and if so, then Rhonda? Please ignore me! But… hi :)

    Ok, and about the pointy posts? Please. Listen — I write like I had some kind of keyboard tourrette’s syndrome. Just blah blah blah. Lord, but I can be wordy. I like your style with the short blips and updates and then there’s a list, and then some very envy-inspiring stuff about eating cake OUT OF THE PAN (so, so jealous) and then sometimes a diatribe. I like it. Don’t knock it.

    Write as you are, always :)

    LOVE the design here. LOVE it!

  2. I am both Jo and Rhonda. Rhonda is the first name, Jo is the middle name and nickname. Sorry to be confusing! I always use Jo when I comment in your blog. Someday I will set everyone straight :D

    And thank you for the confidence-booster. I like that people can appreciate the random schizophrenia of my blog. :) The design! Is courtesy of my very best friend because she is BRILLIANT.

    And — I highly recommend cake out of the pan. Especially when the cake is still WARM.

  3. Umm at any given point when you should feel as though your blog is inadequate…visit mine and you will feel much much better about yours. :0P

  4. See, I lumped yours into the category of meaningful posts! Siiigh.

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