You’re amazing, I’m attracted.

You know when you like someone and you decide you want to try really hard NOT to and so you go through a day or so blissfully free of any daydreams about how perfect this person is?

You know how when you walk outside your office and you see said person from a distance walking back to his office? And you watch him because ah! he’s pretty and you can still look but just remember that he’s probably a jerk and you wouldn’t like him anyway?

And you know how when he stops by the homeless man asking for change and he gets money out of his wallet and GIVES IT TO SAID HOMELESS MAN ALL WHILE YOU’RE WATCHING AND FALLING MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM EVEN MORE BECAUSE OH MY GOD HE’S NICE TO EVERYONE.

I mean really, God. This stopped being funny a long time ago. Either give me the balls to act like a normal human being around him or make December come in a hurry because if I can’t have him, I need to be on the other side of the country where I cannot witness him be compassionate.


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  1. Have you thought, perhaps, of some rope, some duct tape, and a very large extra suitcase for December? hmmmm?

  2. You know, I have. I will be taking a Uhaul to Oklahoma, so it COULD work. No one would hear him while we’re on the road and at night, I can take him into the hotel room and have my way with him. I mean, tie him to the bed. I…uh…I mean, LET HIM GO. But only if he promises to not scream or try to escape.

  3. I guess if you’d rather convince yourself you don’t like him, we could assume he was paying said homeless man for drugs…yeah that’s it! He’s a crack addict! haha

    Jeez I don’t know the guy and I can’t even make myself believe that. haha Sorry, I tried.

  4. Oh, believe me, I’ve tried to believe a lot of stuff. But then he goes and does something just so. damn. sweet. and I’m like…forget it. I LOVE YOU. Please come and give me children. Now. Please. :D

  5. Like maybe he’s all Republican-y!

  6. NO HE IS NOT A REPUBLICAN. He gave a homeless guy money, for pete’s sake. Republicans don’t do that because they don’t have hearts.

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