I’m not so sure what I was dreaming about…

Good Sunday morning. I keep thinking of brilliant things to tell you all, fair readers. I suppose I should start with the most prominent news: I have a migraine. Yes, I have a migraine and am at work at 7:35 in the morning on a Sunday. Last year, about this time, I was in Oklahoma visiting the parentals and on a Sunday morning (coincidence?), I got a horrendous migraine while getting ready for church. It went away enough that I could drive and function (when I get migraines, I can’t SEE). Then right before the end of church, right when the drummer in the worship band felt it necessary to BANG THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THE DRUMS, the migraine came BACK (or the vision problems, rather, which is sometimes worse than the headache itself) and I somehow got home (church is only half a mile from the house). I spent the rest of the day passed out in my parents’ bedroom, as it was the darkest, coolest, and quietest room in the house.

And I’ll be damned if the same thing isn’t happening right now. Double migraine, unimaginable pain, inability to see (how many typos can you find in Sparkle Pants’ post? The winner gets a cookie!), and this time, I don’t have the luxury of crashing in a big comfy bed. No, I get to stay at work because working on Sunday means you are IT, in terms of manpower. I certainly hope that by the end of the day, my head is still attached to my body because at this rate, it is going to FALL OFF AND EXPLODE. That or I’m going to shove the phone through my skull.

That said, we can move onto other things. Other things like our Raleigh tickets, which were delivered to the office on Friday while I was off enjoying a day OFF. I noticed in the tracking info that Lori signed for them, which made me happy because she knows of the importance of the DMB. So I got to work and checked my box and two of my three desk drawers and no FedEx envelope! Panic! Dispair! How can I wait until tomorrow to see the tickets?! Then I had an idea. Check the third drawer, Sparkle Pants. The one that is always locked because it has MONEY in it. Lo and behold, there was the envelope. I wanted to squeal but refrained (see aforementioned migraine) and ripped the sucker open.

The tickets are lovely. They are a lovely pearly gray with the new silver firedancer on the left side and a very nifty picture of the guys on the other side. Of course, they are rife with DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, JUNE 29, 2005 ALTELL PAVILION AT WALNUT CREEK, RALEIGH, NC. Huzzah for Warehouse tickets!

Skipping onto the next order of business, I’ve yet to hear how Howie did last night opening for DMB. I was worried because he postponed his show on Friday due to illness (I say it was a massive hangover or! recovery from a heroin overdose*) and you know, DMB fans can sometimes be super critical of openers. I’m guilty of this (WTF?! The Drive-By Truckers? Who the hell is that? OMG OUR CONCERT IS RUINED) and didn’t want Howie to suffer at the hands of bad fans. Also, these are the shows at the Meadows. Have I mentioned yet that I wanted to go to one of these shows before I knew Howie was opening for DMB?

I also spent a large majority of my awake time yesterday planning out all four Howie shows. The one on Friday isn’t going to require much planning. We’re going down Friday morning to get tickets (since I’ll have more than $5 in my checking account) and then we are going to shop for things that are much needed for the NC trip, then later there will be much debauchery** and finally, the Howie goodness. I hope that I bump into him at some point because I really want him to know how much of a sacrifice it is for me to do something like that. I mean, I think I would rather hang out with O.A.R. fans than people who swear that 107.9 is the best radio station EVER omgwtf. I just hope that he goes on after Tyler Hilton.

And speaking of yesterday, we went to Mount Diablo instead of the ocean because we were afraid of rain and tsunamis. I have only seen Mount Diablo from a distance, so it was nice actually being ON IT. We drove to the summit and unfortunately, the smog was in fine form, thus clouding all the majesty of the valley. The weather was gorgeous, however. I was a little chilly when we got out of the car, so I donned my Maine hoodie but within ten minutes or so, I was pretty warm. I took a lot of pictures, so hopefully tonight I will get them up for you to see. It really was breathtaking, having that bird’s eye view of one of my favorite areas of the world. Unfortunately, the air wasn’t clear enough for us to see San Francisco, which just would’ve made my day. But I have pictures of the general SF area, North Carolina from 3,000 miles away, and the rivers. We saw hang gliders and there were a TON of people CYCLING UP THE MOUNTAIN. I know that it is Mount Diablo but really, I think you deserve whatever satan dishes out if you’re going to do something ridiculous like ride a bicycle to over 3,000 feet above sea level. You should’ve seen their legs. I honestly thought a few of them were going to explode.

Also, did you know that Mount Diablo comes from Monte del Diablo, which actually means Devil’s Thicket? Apparently the white people were too stupid to realize that monte doesn’t mean mountain. Of course, it does now because not only are we stupid but we’re too lazy to learn the language. It’s so much easier to wipe out an entire people than learn anything about them! Hurray for genocide!!***

I took Dramamine yesterday because a) BFF’s dad’s car smells like stuffy old pickles (long story) and it makes me want to puke, b) mountains=windy roads, which make me want to puke, and c) he sometimes doesn’t pay attention to the road and when he realizes that he’s about to drive us OFF THE MOUNTAIN, he jerks the steering wheel in the opposite direction to save us, which makes me want to puke. I was pretty okay on the trip TO the mountaing. I didn’t feel too badly and I wasn’t all that tired. However, on the trip back, my body shut down. I sometimes have adverse reactions to Dramamine. Sometimes it makes me pass out. Literally. I’ll be sitting there one minute having a very disconnected thought and the next thing I know, I’m waking up and we are somewhere else. This happened all the way home and try as I might, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. When we got home, I managed to stay alert enough to make some rice, get gas in my car and buy some cookies for my tummy. Then I came home and slept off and on until about 10:30, then fell asleep-asleep at around 11:30 or so.

This could be why I have a migraine.

Today is Father’s Day, so everyone go thank your dad for messing you up/inspiring you/teaching you what’s right and wrong/being totally available/acting like a shagging bastard your entire life. I have to call mine later and we’re supposed to have pizza and watch a movie with BFF’s dad (her sister and sister’s boyfriend are providing), but I don’t know how much of a participant I’m going to be, especially if my head falls off.

That’s all for now. I do have a small work-related grievance that can be summed up with this statement: if someone else is doing all my work, why the fuck am I here?

*Just kidding, Ward. You know I heart you muchly.
***I hope you all know that I am so seriously kidding. Genocide is evil, kids.


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  1. There are plenty of Spanish speaking people left!! I have no idea what the mission indians in the area spoke, but those are the ones we wiped out…Spanish is still alive and well.

    Good morning angel pie! How is your head?

  2. My head is dead.

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