Craigslist is a great place to display your intelligence.

~~MASON~~a.k.a.~~HULIO~~ (the BarGod from PressClub)~~ – w4m

~~^^^^~~If anyone knows him, would you kindly pass this CL ad to him?~~^^^^~~

I’ve met you twice now not knowing you were THE “Mason from The Press Club” and I have to tell you, YOU are the ONE who is HOT and I thought that the first time I met you.

I feel like such an ass for yesterday.When you introduced yourself as Hulio; did you hear me repeat it (doubtingly!)? I immediately was more drawn to you, despite your Hulio Gaysiuos (s.p.) goofy name and then I turned into an instant ass (like when you like someone when you’re 12 and your mean to them).

Watching you last night, with your super sexy~~triple-bottle pouring, lead my mind to wonder if you have a special someone that you lay your hands on at night? I’m sure you do and I hope she doesn’t read missed connections on craigslist;-)!! If not, I would love a lesson in bartending and I will repay you “kind”-ly!!


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