Please? Can I?

I need to go write. NOW. I need to leave work and go write. This is driving me insane. I have written more in the past three days than I have in MONTHS and I can’t go ANYWHERE and just do it because I’m at work. Stupid work. Stupid, I say!

I so made out with him last night. In my dream. And for the record, he wasn’t married in my dream, so it was totally guilt-free. And fun. And he had niiiice arms.

Please can I leave now?


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  1. That is an adorable picture of Matty, if I do say so myself.

  2. I wish he really wasn’t married and that I had really made out with him. Because I was all nervous that I couldn’t back up my claim to be an awesome kisser because it’s been so long. I took a deep breath and walked up to him and just KISSED him and there went his hands into my hair and….uh…

    I’m gonna go stand under the a/c now.

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