Is it time for the Howie and DMB fun yet?

I keep checking tickets for Endfest next week and it looks like we’ll be fine, unless there’s a rush at the end. General admission tickets are insane ($38 a pop), as are the good reserved ($38, $28). The crappy cheap seats are pretty much on the side of the stage, which I refuse to do because that’s just lame. Only $20 but lame. So here’s the question. I am interested in seeing two of the five or so acts listed (Howie and American HiFi, who rock supremely). How much money do I actually want to spend on this? I’m assuming that operates much like Ticketbastard in that it will be cheaper to buy the tickets at the box office than online. I cannot believe what I’m willing to suffer through to see Howie live but I need my fix. August 28 was eons ago (how sad is it that I remember the date?) and I’ve seen Matty TWICE since then (also need another hit of THAT).

Ramble ramble ramble…

This is what I do when I can’t write.

Fourteen days until Raleigh. Fifteen days until the show.


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