So last night I had a dream that I made out with Matt Nathanson to prove I was a good kisser. Dream!Matty was not only a good kisser but made it obvious that I was a good kisser. If you know what I’m sayin’.

Also, Howie and Jack were the same person and it was Howie six years ago (my pervy dream come true) and a shmucky girl (who is, in reality, a barista at ye olde Starbucks around the way) was in love with the Mraz and he hated her guts.

What a night.

Oh. And did I mention that David Gray is going to be at the Fillmore the night of the DMB show in Sac? Yeah. Screw you, David Gray. Screw. You.

omg please come to Sacramento. Please please please please please.


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  1. This seems a tad unfair as I am still exhausted from running from tornados and shadowy figures courtesy of White Noise.

  2. It IS unfair. I mean, where are your dreams of making out with Matt Nathanson? I mean, your husband?! :D

    But seriously, I hope the bad dreams stop soon. :( *hug*

  3. Jason would feel like he scored if I at least DREAMED about it. LOL

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