A lot can happen in nine minutes.

All hail the magic skirt.

I had dreams all night based around “Angels in America.” I highly recommend that if you can handle some boy-on-boy action. I also highly recommend “The Girl Next Door” because it’s a chick flick. I swear. All that hype about porn was just hype. It’s a very cute movie.

Edited because I hate my posts.


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  1. I need more details than THAT!

  2. I need to change this post. None of those hot lawyers were him. Just the Anderson Cooper guy, the very short guy, and one I had never seen before. Sigh. But uh, his car is parked by the sidewalk and it looks like someone ripped the license plate off. Poor Jack Huntzberger :D

  3. You didn’t need to delete it honey! Or edit it, rather. I just wanted to know what happened, Jack or no Jack!

  4. Nah, it was stupid and misleading, so it needed to be changed. I vowed I wouldn’t talk about him so much in my blog. I already ruined it! :)

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