It’s about blue hair

I think 8 AM is a good time to make a post, don’t you? I’m at work right now, which bites the muchly, especially since I woke up at 6:43. Guess what time I was supposed to leave the house? 6:45! Go me. I wasn’t late at all but waking up two minutes before leaving meant I didn’t have time to get gas, which means my car is now on E.

So I think I’m still hungover. I feel about as great as I did yesterday. I did absolutely NO drinking at the luau (I learned to spell!) last night. I had one slice of a drunk strawberry, but it was waaaay too rummy for me to have more than that. I was slightly intrigued by the square cows they kept making but again, no drinking. I had lots of water and lots of chips and salsa. And I fell in love with Joey, the cutest little dog I have ever seen. I wanted to take her home with me. She’s exactly the kind of dog I am looking for: small, quiet, very sweet. And her little face! She stayed with E, L, and I the entire evening because we were sitting on the ground (at her level) and we had food. And L always feeds her stuff. So Joey chowed on lots of chicken and at one point, she came up to me and put her little tiny paw on my leg and gave me this look…I almost dognapped her.

It was an interesting crowd. Most of the people were considerably older than us, which made me feel like I was back at one of Mom and Dad’s infamous parties (drunk basketball, drunk motorcycle rides, drunk EVERYTHING). The house was unbelievable. I didn’t many pictures of the house specifically, but when I was being sneaky-sneaky and taking pictures of the space aliens very made-up girls, the house kind of shows up. The backyard was so beautiful, the weather was perfect, and weirdos left us alone. Except that one guy. What was his name? Godzilla?

Meeting T was great; he’s a nice guy. I approve. He and E got into this conversation about some of the people at the party but E was hesitant to launch into her feminist rant in front of a guy she barely knew. He was trying to get her to explain what she thought of the people (space aliens) and she said, “They’re…they’re…they’re THAT color!” and pointed to his arm.

T, by the way, is black.

So that statement made me laugh very hard, especially when E went on to point out that she has spots of “his color” on her (freckles and moles). There was also discussion of how they went way back, all the way back to Nam, where she saved him by pulling him out of a rice paddy.

He showed us funny pictures from his trip to Costa Rica, including this scary-ass water slide that took you like, fifteen minutes to GET DOWN.

Philly word.

It was a good night, all-in-all. It was nice to get out of the house and go somewhere different, see new people. I wasn’t feeling too social because I was exhausted and completely unable to hold a conversation with anyway, which is why I spent most of the night staring off into space.

Did I mention I ate alligator last night? I’ve had it before but it was fried and tasted very much like chicken. Last night’s was sauteed (?) butter and garlic and was more like fishy chicken than just plain chicken. But it was good and I ate two little pieces. And lots of salsa. Have I mentioned that yet? So good.

So at the moment, I’ve consumed some ibuprofen for my booze-soaked brain and a huge mug of coffee. I might have to break my one-cup rule and go get more because oh my god. My head is swimming. In a bad way.

I’ll post pictures tonight.


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