But why is the rum gone?

This is how we started the evening. The good captain came by to pay his respects.

And this is what is left, which would account for the massive hangover. Also, we stayed up until 5:00 being girls and talking about boy parts and girl parts and the fun things they do together. We have some of this on video, with the digital camera and some of you might be fortunate enough to listen to my slurred ramblings about someone’s business and PEN-JEW-LUMS and haaaa I’m so not drunk, omg okay so I really am but shhhhh.

Right now we’re getting ready for a …Hawaiian party. I say that because I can’t spell what it really is (the thing with the pig and the pineapples and the…rum). We are going to go hang out with people we’ve never, ever met, save my darling L. It will be fun. There will be mocking of the Teresa-type and I swear, I won’t drink.


Some best friend cuteness, not from last night.


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