Grey Sky Morning

I’ve written a few scratches of stuff the past two days, mostly fleetings thoughts and fantasies, things that come to me at odd hours and seem like small windows into the future. This morning was so relaxing, even with driving downtown and dealing with traffic. Knowing that there was no work to be done and knowing that I could get my coffee, settle in*, and read until I was finished made me feel amazingly free. I came home around 9:30 and started in on the computer and now, at 1:30, I’ve done everything I know to do. I still have a few pesky things that just won’t go away but AIM works again (relief) and my baby is chugging along at a normal speed again.

I’m listening to my writing playlist and have a file open that I might work on some. Or I might catch a wee nap before heading back to the downtown area to pick up BFF. The sky is overcast. The rain has stopped. The music is calming.

Happiness is in the little things.



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  1. yay for wonderful relaxing days! yay for writing! and YAY for stealth starbucks coffee stalking!

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