Holy hot cops, Batman!

Some of you know my hot-desk-cop story from earlier (handcuffs, guns, suits — all within range of the Lawyers). And I love love love the reactions I’ve gotten. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who appreciates the combination of suits and handcuffs (in the non-Dennis Franz way).

That aside, I am now what I would consider 95% well. My allergies have kicked in horribly and last night, I came in contact with something that irritated my mouth (food, ladies, not the…well, that thing of which BritBrit can fit four of [plus the twins!] in her mouth that I shouted loudly during that god awful time-suck of a show she and K-Fed the Serpent have), so my lips burn and are redder than normal and they’re currently throbbing, which is an interesting sensation. I don’t look like Pam Anderson-Lee-Anderson or anything, but you know, it’s a weird thing for me.

Driving. Me. Mad.

Something else that drives me mad: hearing the phrase “I would be lost without you” and having it meant in a very non-romantic way.

In August, I am seeing Howie Day twice, DMB once, and perhaps Jack Johnson once. All within a week of each other. How classy is that? I think I shall die. Mainly because the bad thing of which we shall not speak happens the following week.

Hey! My insomnia is calling my name. It’s off to pointlessly lie in bed. I have the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I can fix my computer. I have to take BFF downtown in the morning for jury duty. How lovely it would be to leave early, catch some coffee (perhaps at Starbucks where desk cops and lawyers loiter?), and know that I wouldn’t have to hurry over to work.

Work, by the way, was fun today despite the various frustrations. Being away from the front desk is fabulous.


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  1. First of all, the handcuffs, suits and guns thing? So damn hot.

    Secondly, I SO could have done without the BritBrit image! Thanks LOL I didn’t watch this week because I really didn’t want to hear the “confessions” of feelings *gag*

    And I CANNOT WAIT until August! Where and when is the Jack Johnson show? I want to go too!

  2. Jack Johnson is in Berkeley! Also here in Sac but I want to see him in Berkeley because the venue is gorgeous. :)

  3. Oohh niiice! When? Is it in August too? Because I would love to go to Berkeley and see Jack Johnson! LOL Ima be such a concert ho again this summer! I’m itching to go to a concert too cause I haven’t been to one since last September!

  4. It’s in August, two shows. I think Aug 19 and 20 but I’m not sure. He’s playing at the Greek Theatre, where I saw Howie last summer. It’s beautiful. It would be awesome if you could come up. I haven’t gotten tix yet though.

    And! It looks like we might have company for the Howie show in Anaheim! Kat (on lj as dontwannashine) and her best friend Kelly might fly in to catch the shows down there and we’d all hook up and be insane together. Poor Howie. :D

    Yayness for my friends!

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