Proof that I have no life.

I didn’t spend tonight knitting. No, tonight was spent on much more worthy causes. Like screen capping two dvds. I stumbled across the feature on my dvd player on my computer by accident and have spent over two hours watching Howie and taking. stills. of everything.

For any of the Howie bitches who read regularly, here are a few teasers:

Don’t open this one if you don’t like looking at the girlfriend.

Piano man.

Blurry jellies for my Kat.

Now that I have thoroughly wiped out my cool points (I had some to begin with?), I think I’ll go knit.

Or eat cake.


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  1. Hey now! Eating cake automatically gives you cool points. Ummm… because eating pie is so much less cool? Yeah! See, and I know all about cool points! LMAO I swear, this is what happens when I am forced to leave the net for days without the ability to catch up!

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