My answers for Alicia!

1. Did you have any nicknames/pet names as a child? If so, what were they and why?

I did! My parents called (still do) me Punky after Punky Brewster. I loved the show and in a weird way, resembled her. My dad calls me R Bear for whatever reason :)

2. What, do you think, is the best thing you have written? Why?

This question is so difficult for me to answer. I have a hard time finding things acceptable or decent or read-worthy because that’s just how I am. I like a lot of my flash fiction but I don’t know what I would consider the best. The best idea I’ve had (and written, roughly) is the infamous David/Emily story that I really, really need to work on. I guess that’s my answer. :)

3. If you were dating yourself, what would you like best about you, and why?

Another hard question. What is with the hard questions?! :D Good god. I guess I would like my sense of humor and ability to be ridiculously silly because it’s nice to be around people who don’t take things too seriously.

4. Do you have a recurring dream? If so, describe.

I don’t have anything that would qualify as a recurring dream but I do have dreams that are eerily similar, like my dreams about being me now but back in high school. Elliott is always alive in those dreams and I always want to tell him that he’s going to die (and how he dies), but I know I can’t because it will screw up the space-time continuum. :) I also have frequent dreams about being dead, using drugs (which I have never done), and smoking (also which I have never done).

5. Do you know where I could get a pair of Malt-O-Meal sunglasses?

I don’t know. Let me look her up…*snicker*


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  1. hehe…yay! Great answers!! :)

  2. 1. What do you feel is the best change in you since you moved to California.

    2. What do you feel is the worst change?

    3. You’re on Lost, but in real life. You only get to bring three DMB songs with you. Which do you choose?

    4. Pick three people that you consider close friends. Now, pick something about each of them that you would change. No cheating. Did you include me? If not, make it four.

    5. You get to live in ONE David Gray song. Which one do you choose?

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