This bridge was written to make you feel smitten.

I saw something funny on this morning. Dick Cheney says the war will be over by 2009. 2009.

Have a giggle. Go ahead! Have a giggle!

In other news, see how I’m using my actual real name? I’m scared but I think I’ll survive.

Also, my darling, beautiful Kat posted a present in the Howie Day community I moderate over on Livejournal. I wanted to share the ultimate orgasmic hotness with you all.

Forgive the quality, she snapped this off the DVD with her digi.


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  1. I know…Using your real name on the internets is a freaky thing. Any time you feel like you need to change it, it’s easy to do, just let me know.

  2. I tried calling you a bit ago! It is freaky because the internets are scary :D

    Guess what? I have to burn my fun music cd again because the cd is CHIPPED. So I can put Joyride on there for reals.

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