Fun things to hear while at lunch.

Imagine you’re in a bustling and noisy eatery on your lunch hour. Imagine you’re alone, eating and trying to ignore all the sound when you realize that you’re tapping your foot along with the muzak, which you can barely hear, let alone discern. Then there is a half-second break in the noise and you hear the music and clearly think you must be going crazy because you swear they’re playing Mazzy Star. And not your typical “Fade Into You” Mazzy Star, but though used in a movie, still more obscure Mazzy Star because that movie was what some would call an “indie flick.”

I heard “Rhymes of an Hour” at Chipotle this afternoon. It was bizarre but nice.


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  1. purty new layout. and we don’t have chipotle here in NJ, but i went to one with D in ohio —yummmm.

  2. Shit is good for being owned by McDonald’s! Love their chips and guacamole. My weakness :)

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