Two steps forward, two steps back.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is drive. I love cars, love driving new cars, and love driving places. Some of my best California memories are of spontaneous trips. My absolute favorite took place in March. We drove to San Francisco on Friday after I got off work to see Matt Nathanson open for G. Love (yes, I paid $60 to see Matt Nathanson! You hear that Matty? Sixty bucks!). I had decided that I was going to be too tired to drive back to Sac after the show, since it didn’t start until nine, so we booked a hotel near the airport and after the show, went down there and checked in and all that fun stuff. The next morning, we went looking for an IHOP with the vague idea of wanting to end up in Capitola. We took the long way and did end up in Capitola. We ate at Pizza My Heart. We sat along the beach and watched the ocean. We browsed the shops and I fell in love with the town.

Tonight I went for a drive, though a short, non-scenic one, to get my head prepared for this week. No more being lazy in bed. No more not showering and letting my hair get disgusting. No more slacking. Back to work. I have to help train the new girl, who starts on Wednesday. Driving gives me time to think. Driving gives me time to breathe and consider things. Except tonight I didn’t really consider much.

The mountains, however, looked so inviting. Thank god I’m poor or I would’ve ended up driving there.

Also, look at my new layout! BFF’s work again. It’s comic book!Howie. With a special shot of his feet just for me.


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  1. Drive down here! LOL it would give you a lot of time to think!

    I’m so sad because I haven’t yet found a way to get up there. There are so many things going on right now… and I thought things would calm down after graduation. Well they did, as usual, for like a second. And then it all started up again. I’ll be posting about it I’m sure. But for now, I just wanted to say that if you feel like taking a drive down here… or somewhere in the middle? LOL I could probably swing something like that. But the lack of funding thing sort of keeps me here until I can con money out of my family :( I SOOOO need a job!

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