Saturdays are supposed to be cool.

In order to read of the frustration that is my (our) life, go to BFF’s blog (which as of June 2007, no longer exists – sorry!). In addition to all that, there is the fact that we’ve been without toilet paper for three or four days and this morning I went into the bathroom to find the box of Kleenex we’ve been using IN the toilet. You know, the very sort of thing that happens when you leave the lid up. So there’s piss on the floor and a half-full box of Kleenex in the bathtub because guess what? Those cardboard boxes and those tissues are incredibly absorbent. In fact, they absorb the liquid content of the toilet bowl.

For reals.

So this morning I got up butt-ass early to see Howie Day on the Today show or whatever it was. 4:50am, in fact. Devotion people. And how has he thanked me? He hasn’t. Bastard. That aside, I sat through mind-numbingly dull “news” and when Howie came on, I was rewarded for my diligence by his lack of shaving (omg so hott) and him just being the generally cute, quirky, and pissy boy that he is. I went back to sleep at 6 when the show ended and then woke up about 8:30.

Have I mentioned yet that my whole “my allergies never bother me!” shpiel is a load of crap? Woke up with a horrendously sore throat and have passed out asleep (dead to the world) no less than five times today.

Personally, I think the day can suck it. The “men” in this house can suck it. Howie’s record label can also suck it for re-re-releasing Stop All the World Now. And the person who broke into my car and stole my shit can suck it because I had to buy that damn cd again.

At least Howie understands how I feel. (Caution: may not be work/home friendly.)


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