You’re so loud, waking up the neighbor’s dog…

Are you ready for the cuteness? I say, ARE YOU READY FOR THE CUTENESS????

I didn’t think so.

This morning when I passed Jack’s office, someone had placed a grill in the spot in the corner where he likes to park. Meaning they are having a cook-out in their PARKING LOT. I am trying to think of ways to weasel my way into the festivities so that I may have my way with him. Where’s the cuteness? Not so much cuteness as hotness. I mean, really. Can you imagine him cooking?

Heck yeah, baby.

In other amazingly thrilling news, Crazy Aunt Purl made a comment on my blog. I was so excited last night when I saw it. I felt like Jenna Rink when the Six Chicks showed up at her house for her birthday party.


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  1. Do what you want, it’s not like she needs a play by play.

    Please tell me why my brother has TAPES of himself having SEX with people and just PUT ONE IN IN FRONT OF ME AND MY MOM?


  3. Ok can you please tell me what song you are quoting in the title? Please?

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