I love it when you something-something right thurr…

Again I ask: why would you listen to something that makes you sound like a flaming imbecile?

I get off work at 3pm tomorrow afternoon for the big, bad holiday weekend, which I might add, is NOT about going out and getting drunk at the lake/river/ocean but about honoring our war dead. Enough with the articles in the newspaper about where are YOU going this Memorial Day Weekend the Greatest Holiday Weekend EVER OMGWTFW00T!!!#!#%#%#@ELEVEN!!#!@#%$#@~

I plan on sleeping. Thanks for asking.

Also, I made P go out and get me a copy of this week’s liberal agenda because I forgot to get one at lunch. I don’t think he was very pleased that he was seen in public carrying that trashy pinko commie liberal rag around! Especially since it has a big pot leaf on the cover omg!

But look! Characters from Madagascar! Awwww! They totally balance out the weed.


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  1. OH MAN your blog, your website, is so beautiful! I love it! It’s wonderful! I can’t post now because I must go back and read all your past entries. I am so glad I found you through you finding me heh heh. Me= stalk! stalk!

  2. Do I even have to tell you how in LOVE I am with those penguins? Omigosh the 8 minute preview on Nick last night sealed the deal…I must own them someday when cartoon characters come to life! ;0)

  3. Laurie: OMG! I’m flattered! But I can’t take credit for the layout. My best friend did it. It’s loverly. I heart Howie Day. Blogstalking RULES. :)

    AJ: I. So. Know. I think of you when I see previews for the movie!

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