Don’t let the door hit you when you’re stupid.

For better or worse, I am enrolled in one class for the fall to see if I really want to go for a second BA. I’m going to have to miss one class the second week but I think I’ll survive. Or I hope I do. It’s just one class.

I go to the doctor today and I really, really don’t want to. At this point, it isn’t so much what she says as what I say. I have no clue how to approach any of this stuff and my stomach is a jumbled mess of nerves.

And on a completely unrelated note, I have no idea what to pierce this summer, nor do I know what I should do about the tattoo I want, and soon part of my hair will be dark purple.

It’s Saturday and now you’ve got the fever.


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  1. CIAO! That’s eye-talian for FOOD!

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