Stop the insanity!

I just joined a Yahoo group for the Sacramento Stitch n’ Bitch. That’s right. I so did. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to begin building a stockpile of things to occupy my time come August and that I would be needing help when I started that scarf-and-hat thing for BFF since it took me a good week to make sense of purling. Not that it’s hard by any stretch of the imagination but my hands and my brain don’t often play well together. So aside from studying and writing, I plan on doing a disgusting amount of knitting later this year.

I’ve been passing my time recently looking on craigslist for housing in the area to get an idea of prices. Judging by that and what I’ve found on other apartment searching sites, I shouldn’t have much of a problem. If I get a decent job, that is. That’s what scares me the most. Getting a job. It took me how long to get one here? Not going to think about that right now. I have found several townhouses, condos, duplexes, and houses that I love and that I could afford on my own (again, with the job). What would I do with all that space? Go crazy, I’m sure. After spending four years living like a sardine pickle, having large amounts of space is a foreign concept.

You know, sometimes I visit my blog just to stare at Howie’s neck.


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