Sunday-night knitting.

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I finished off Practice version 1.0 tonight. Practice was so happy that it partied on my face.


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  1. I am totally impressed! I started crotcheting this year simply because I don’t think my brain could handle two knitting needles at once.

    And you can put me on the list for a hat and scarf too, dang it! :0P

  2. Hurrah! Just last night I was saying that people I knew needed to have babies so I could make them blankets. Then it dawned on me that technically, both of yours are still small enough :D

    You go with the crocheting. I did it for a while back in HS because mom took a few classes. But I was of the suck with it. I’m much “better” at knitting.

  3. Yay! Knit me something! LOL I have not the patience for stuff like that. Which is probably why I’m not good at coding either LOL I don’t have the patience to start with a concept and sit until execution… take my site for example. I’ve been “working on it” for how many years now?

  4. This is all Eireann’s handy work. I just do the updating. I’m going to start working on other stuff though. The site won’t be big but you know…

    I’ll knit you something! It will just take a long time because a) I’m still learning and b) I have a long list of things to make!

  5. I looked into doing MT and blogging on my site, but I lack the fundage for it and plus, I’m not sure I want to sit and setup the server (of which I lack the resources at the moment anyway) when I can’t even finish hooking up my current site. So I’m thinking that I might just embed my lj on my site or something.

    And yay for knitting! LOL I need to take up something creative to do now that school’s out.

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