Funny the feeling when forever ends.

The past few days have been a dream. A dream without a point, a dream without a point, a dream that feels more like a nightmare than my life, which it is. Reality interwoven with moments of fancy, moments of illusion, and I have no idea how to wake up. I have been spending my time like someone going through a divorce or break-up. I cry at nothing, knit, drink, and drive around with absolutely no idea of where I’m going. Thoughts pass me by and I try to grab them. But I can’t. So I end up listening to songs on repeat, driving around town at sunset, south to north and back again, searching for something I won’t ever find, writing letters in my head that I will never send, and screaming inside to be gone, so far gone that I can’t see the sun or the horizon or logic.

You haven’t changed…I mean, you look different but you haven’t changed…


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