I cross-post because I can!

Technically, this is not a cross-post since it isn’t the same post as the one in my eljay. For obvious reasons I’m censoring this one. Mainly because I don’t want you all to know how lame I am. But suffice to say that exceedingly hot men should not be allowed in Starbucks no matter how badly I want them there. They should also not be allowed to order things that are fluffy and pink (though it was incredibly cute to see him with his pink drink and his fancy clothes and three thousand dollar shoes). Have I mentioned lately that his pants are still too short? And that he wears nice watches?

During my frantic knitting rampage in the car at the end of my lunch hour, I came to the conclusion that this situation is entirely too “Pretty Woman” for my taste. He is Richard Gere (?) with his money and his like, idiocy (only Jack is so much hotter), and I am Julia Roberts with weird hair and no manners and probably much better suited for someone slutty like Howie Day.

Alas, earwax.


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