There are specific reasons I don’t take medicine.

I hate the way medicine makes me feel. As a child, I suffered a lot from allergies, colds, and infections of every variety. I took that nasty pink antibiotic medicine that tasted like death, we had an impressive collection of Dimatap (?) bottles, and I took allergy medicine like it was candy. All of it left me feeling gross and disconnected and since then, I have avoided taking medicine until my very life depended on it. Then I would dope myself up and hide for a few days.

These days, I’m fortunate that my allergies rarely bother me and that I don’t seem prone to colds or the flu. The migraines more than make up for the lack of illness. I swear my brain is dying. But that isn’t the point. The point is, today I had to take medicine. I developed the worst sinus headache and a sore throat (which I keep misspelling), of all things. My coworker had miraculous green pills that made it go away! Huzzah!

Except now I’m a wee bit loopy. And this is non-drowsy medicine. Where’s the justice? You just can’t win.

In other news, I just want to take a minute to pat John Mayer on the back. You go, Gayer.


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