Here is where I wish I had something interesting to say.

I read lots of really good blogs. Kristy, for one. Dooce, for another. And finally, Crazy Aunt Purl, for lastly. These people are witty and interesting and make me blog-stalk them like nobody’s business.

I, on the other hand, come home from work with an urge to post and absolutely nothing to say. Here are a list of things I thought about on the way home, in no particular order:

– Cops freak me out! Especially when they drive straddling the line between the carpool lane and the middle lane and go 55 mph with their lights flashing, not allowing a single soul to pass, but then cutting over! into another lane! and killing the lights! And then they pull over someone who was obeying all traffic laws, as far as I could tell! I think this hi-po was smoking insane amounts of crack.

– I cannot wait to move to North Carolina. It will be a happy medium between California and Oklahoma. Unless, of course, North Carolina is teh suck and I end up losing my mind and hauling ass to Maine, wherein I become the crazy writer who knits and does nothing but sit in Captain Nick’s all day long.

– “Stolen Away” makes all those fantasies about cold, rainy weather, black coats, and hot coffee seem all the more possible.

And that’s it. I only thought about three things on the way home. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. I did a lot of contemplating on the way about someone, which is usually what I do when stuck in traffic.

If you drive through Arizona, this is what you can expect.



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  1. I never have anything interesting to say, but I just wanted to say you rock…that is my absolute favorite of all the big crazy dinosaurs on the way through AZ! Ahh does that bring back some memories!!

  2. It freaked me out! Having never been through AZ, I didn’t know we would encounter dinosaurs! He’s saying “RRAAAAWWWWRRRRR! I eat other dinosaurs! My arms are tiny!”

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