See the man with the bomb in his hand.

Sorry ahead of time for the length. My extended entry thing is freaking out.

I’ve been thinking all day about what I should say about Dave Matthews Band’s latest effort, Stand Up. Those who know me know I love, love, love DMB. I had to wait almost one week from the release date to get my hands on the album. Pre-ordering is cool until you realize you don’t really want to shell out nearly $30 extra to ensure you have it as soon after the release date as possible. However, I did get a nifty shirt, sticker, and bonus cd out of the deal, so an extra week is okay.

The anticipation probably helped, but last night after I got home, BFF and I popped the cd into her computer and lounged on my bed for the duration of the album. Well, except during “Hello Again” when I had an urge to just stand up (ha!).

Where do I even begin? At this point the album has played through probably twenty times (no joke) on my computer work and I intend to listen to it on the way home. Conveniently, it just started again so I can do this track-by-track.

Dreamgirl – This song makes me want to tap my feet. I picture Dave playing it for Ashley and it makes me unbelievably happy. It has a nice little groove and sexy lyrics, and the sax parts are simply wonderful.

Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) – I have to admit, this one weirded me out last night. The vocals sound weird but the beat got me. The song makes me nostalgic. BFF said it made her miss things she didn’t remember doing and miss things that she had never done. Having listened to it so much more today, I can safely say that I am no longer weirded out. I love it.

Stand Up (For It) – The rhythms these guys create baffle me sometimes. For the longest time, I hated “Rapunzel” because it felt off. This song makes me think of sweat and flirting and sprinklers. Not necessarily in that order.

American Baby IntroBeautiful. Makes me want to cry. So fitting. Piano, gunfire, bombs, and Dave murmuring in the background.

American Baby – Love. This. Song. It makes me feel patriotic and dare I say, proud to be an American. Cannot wait to see it live.

Smooth Rider – First impression: lame, lame, LAME. The music sounded cheesy and the title is ridiculous. But then Dave started singing. And the song came together. It makes me want to take all my clothes off. You know, with the sweat and the flirting and the sprinklers.

Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives) – I want to cram a cd full of this song and then burn about 20,000 copies and mail them to the White House. Love the creepy violin at the beginning. Love the message. I can’t imagine who Dave is singing about when he says “see the man with the bomb in his hand.”

Out Of My Hands – Another beautiful piece. Just a piano, Dave, Fonzie, and Carter. Home recording. Very simple. Very haunting. Dave’s voice is wonderfully scratchy. I love how some of the words just don’t come out. The song makes me want to write. It makes me want to lie in the dark with a lawyery boy. One of my favorites on the album.

Hello Again – One of my favorites from the summer 2004 tour. I heard it for the first time as an mp3 from the first show it was played at (perhaps second) and it didn’t sound so hot. By August, however, they had tweaked it into an awesome song full of Carter’s trademark drumming techniques and Roi’s unbelievable improvising talents. It doesn’t disappoint on the album. Can’t wait to hear it this summer.

Louisiana Bayou – This song is so much fun. I hope they drag it into tour rotation because it will be awesome to hear everyone mimic Dave in the chorus. It has a very bluesy/bluegrass/down-south feel to it. As well it should with a name like Louisiana Bayou. Makes you long for humid summer days, friends, and good music.

Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd – Made me cry. Lovely song. Probably my favorite. Makes me think too much. Makes me want to write a lot of flash.

You Might Die Trying – This song hasn’t stuck with me yet, which is kind of odd because to me, it’s the most “old school” song on the album. Nothing about it has grabbed me yet. A few more listens and I love it.

Steady As We Go – Another beautiful song. I’m favoring the ones with piano. This one made me a bit weepy last night, as it is my song for BFF, particularly in regards to everything that is happening right now. Very high on my list of favorites.

Hunger for the Great Light – The music in this song is not my favorite but the lyrics are so hot that I don’t even care. This song makes me want to get very, very naked. Any song wherein Dave sings “and when I go down for you, I want to blow your mind” is immediately a Naked Song.

All in all, the cd rocks. For me, it’s the natural progression from Busted Stuff, which is a good album but lacks a sense of direction. They had lots of good ideas, lots of excellent songs, but the whole thing feels disjointed to me. Stand Up culminates all the very best of DMB and adds in just enough change to make it incredibly addicting.


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