Go join a youth and beauty brigade.

Today is a perfect writing day. It’s quiet. I have some good writing music on my computer at work. My mind has been in that place for a few days, so there’s a lot floating around in there. But just like every other time I feel like writing, I can’t. There’s always something that doesn’t feel right. Something that doesn’t fit. I’m constantly fighting for the clarity I need to actually sit down and write. Sometimes it feels like I’m afraid to let myself go there completely because I’ll miss something here in this thing we call reality. Since when have I been concerned with reality? And then it turns into this bitter cycle of needing to write but being in the wrong place and then having all the physical, environmental elements fall into place but not being able to then do it.

They need to make a pill for this kind of thing.

And really Jack, damn you for being so…you know. You.


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