Thank you for throwing the L.A. Times near the landing

We get three different papers here because my coworkers are Important People with Important Jobs. One of those papers is the Los Angeles Times, a paper that is very fond of printing as much gore above the fold as humanly possible. For instance, last week they had a lovely shot of a sheet-covered bloody corpse and said corpse’s friend, who just happened to be covered in blood. Head to foot. So that made for a pretty early-morning hello!

At any rate, the people who deliver the Times are in such a hurry (omg!) that they open the front door and fling the paper inside and are gone before it hits the ground. I always feel like shouting a hello at them but they wouldn’t hear it. Besides, they don’t exactly deserve it since our paper will just stop coming for a few days every few weeks.

Work antics aside, I’m going to ignore all the heavy stuff that has been floating through my head and the not-so-heavy stuff, and go straight to my number one irritation: the bastards who broke into my car. That’s right. I’ve discovered yet another thing they took. Friday morning, I was rearranging the remaining contents of my car (heaven forbid they take those clothes in the back, though luckily they didn’t take my jacket, shoes, blankets or BRAND NEW FLASHLIGHT STILL IN THE PACKAGE) and discovered that they took both my jumper cables and my little air compressor that my dad gave me for my tires.

Yesterday I got gas in my car because hi, I was out and gas was down to a whopping $2.33 at the am/pm! I love cheap gas. While the car was fueling, I opened my Junk Hider (the handy thing that holds a lot of crap between the seats) to get my little forty-cent spiral notebook so I could write down my mileage and guess what? Those little assholes TOOK MY NOTEBOOK. It was ratty and small and almost used up and they TOOK IT. It had my Oklahoma-to-California mileage in it! It had the WELCOME HOME scrawled over my first fueling in California where it cost me twice as much as it had the rest of the trip! They took it!

On a happier note, I found my Mollys Yes and Cravin’ Melon cds in another cd case this morning. Joy! Elation!


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