Am I crazy?

Part of being rejected from eight (8) MFA programs is the overwhelming urge to figure out what I want to do with my life. Over the past few months, I’ve thought about the things that interest me and the things I would like to learn more about, which leads me to either a) a second Bachelors, or b) massive independent study. Of course, option B is the cheaper, easier way to go but do I really have the discipline for that? Of course, at the end of August, I will have a disgusting amount of free time on my hands (sniffle) and can then spend hours at the library reading, studying, making myself smarter on my own. Or at the very least, cramming my brain with more trivial information.

So what things interest me? The following is a list of things I either don’t know enough about or have inadvertently gotten involved in:

– Politics
– African history/culture
– Human rights, especially genocide
– Anthropology (tied to archaeology, which was on my short list of majors in undergrad)
– European history, especially both world wars
– Russian history, especially the Bolshevik revolution
– Geology

Yes, I know. Don’t laugh.


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