I hope they enjoy those jumper cables.

Sorry to keep bitching, those of you who have gotten the angsty emails or were there to witness my utter pissed-offedness this morning, but my car was broken into and my stuff was stolen and I get to replace the window out of pocket because I’m poor. Also, I get to replace almost all of my cds. So that’s fun. And randomly, as I’m thinking about it, they stole my Mazzy Star cd out of the little holder thing between my front seats. Who steals a Mazzy Star cd? Some of my writing is gone too and maybe a set of jumper cables. So I’m in a very, very foul mood and want to go home and get my window replaced and then hunt down the punks and kill them. I also started my period this morning (yay!).

Fortunately, my friends love me to pieces and are helping me replace the lost cds. Also, Tim is lovely and deserves mass-kudos for helping me calm down after I got to work.


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  1. It’s not bitching, angel pie. It’s totally within reason. I looooove you so much…I don’t know why this shit has been happening to you lately. Mom said that this morning. “Why is all of this really good stuff happening to you and all of this horrible stuff happening to Sparkle Pants?” I don’t know. I remember whining because everything good was happening to you and Gretchen…:) But I would give anything to have all of the good happen to you. What I do know is that you deserve only good things. Wonderful things. And I’m going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure you get them.

    P.S. King George the 2nd sucks the c*ck for yelling at you in your head.

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