It’s almost as if you wanted to get hurt…

Today is a day for introspection. Today is also a day for hippies and garlic fries and dare I say, hot guys. There are days when I wake up feeling incredibly predatory and much like a wild animal, ready to hunt down some unwitting male victim of great height, too-short pants, and sleepy blue eyes. Not that I would find him at some dirty Mother Earth event such as the Whole Earth Festival, but it’s nice to think that maybe he would be there, unshaven and cazhed out (I can’t think of another way to spell the cazh version of ‘casual’) with his buddies, hitting on the little college girls who are running around in barely anything and then! Hark! From across the lawn, he would see me and oh my, what’s this? Who’s this guy coming over here? Oh my god. It’s him. Oh shit! What do I do? Panic! Panic! Oh god! Throwing up! All over him!

So perhaps that little scenario is not the best. I guess we can just settle for the young, chubby Howie Day to come here from the past and be my underage lovah.

How can you not love him?

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